About Thus

Inspired by permaculture, naturopathy, chemistry, and biology. We realize both the material & spiritual benefits of Earths plants, sharing the science of how our products provide a function and experience through remedy. We create with means to present superior products in your service, to build a beacon of information in your presence.

The House of Green. The House of Growth. The House of Verte. The House of Vertical.

Beginning within the world of The Pacific Oceans Medical Cannabis culture. In 2013 Harvest Hands Bar Soap was an accessory, and remedy to trichome covered finger tips. From that first tea tree-based bar soap, have come many successors. Our topicals are fully vegetable oil based with an alarmingly boisterous lather and a surprisingly soothing gentle moisture. Always feel free to request anything of your imagination for customs!

From us to you, of body, of mind, of heart, of Earth.

       -Brian D. Upchurch : The House of Verte