Bergamot French Lavender XIV [ver.02]


A flagship of T.H.o.V. This selected synergistic strength between this citrus and herb impactfully influence clarity, and energetic uplift. The essence of citrus bergamot combined with fine pounded French lavender buds marbled throughout and accompanied by activated charcoal bringing a powerful, repairing cleanse, physically and emotionally.

citrus • fresh • parfume • heavy • woody • fruity

Clean: 4
Lather: 4
Scent: 5
Moisture: 3
Citrus Bergamia. This fruit tree of the Rutacea family and Citrus genus is indigenous to Calabria, Italy and loaded with bioactive constituents alongside is renown essential oils. By far one of most commonly used notes in perfumery Bergamot holds an almost lemon-orange cross flavor profile separate from any other citrus, inducing a feeling of uplift and centeredness. As a common favorite in ultrasonic diffusing, bergamot provides neuro-protective properties through this energetic uplift, hindering anxiety. Topically, long used in catalyzing healing of wounds, pain reduction and aiding in various skin ailments. This is merely the periphery of the history, properties and uses this legendary citrus continues to bestow upon us!
Family: Lamiaceae Genus: Lavandula. Native spread across the Mediterranean, neuro-protective, dermis-protective, and deriving from Latin “lavare” meaning “to wash”. Over 2,000 years we have acknowledged this herb, representing serenity, calm, luxury, virtue. Symbolizing purity and devotion, associated with the crown chakra, and the violet light of universal consciousness. As remedy medically, as a cherished gift in many contexts, as an aroma in therapy, a spice to our meals.